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Stone Italiana re-invents the concept of "craquelure" in line with contemporary styles and trends to suit customers looking for truly innovative products.

These are new, prestigious surfaces made entirely of quartz; fragments of slabs recomposed to make highly valuable and sought-after coverings.

By revisiting time-honoured techniques and blending them with modern technologies, Stone Italiana gives a contemporary twist to a traditional custom. The Craken Craquelé collection is up-to-the-minute and can be put to all kinds of uses, from the most unique interiors to contracts for big building projects. And, as each slab is carefully crafted by expert hands, these surfaces always add a touch of individuality and top craftsmanship.


Uniformity of colour, as the slabs are made from monochrome slabs, which have been broken up and recomposed (standard colours are listed below).

Available sizes:
320 x 150 x 1,6 cm (59” x 126” x 5/8”)
320 x 150 x 2,6 cm (59” x 126” x 1 1/32”)

Basic White Slab

Taupe Dark

White Grey

Black Brown

White Black

Black White

Noisette Bordeaux